Shoulder Ice Wrap With Compression & 2 Ice Packs

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Our Cold Therapy Shoulder Wrap With Compression is a must-have for people suffering with shoulder pain or recovering from a shoulder injury.

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Looking for some much-needed relief for your shoulder pain? Try our Cold Therapy Compression Wrap For Shoulder today. Each kit contains 2 ice-gel packs, air compression pump, and shoulder wrap which forms a snug fit around the painful area. This treatment pack has been designed not just to provide relief from aches and pains, but it also helps reduce recovery times after an injury because it helps to reduce the swelling.

Why Use Our Ice Compression Wrap For Shoulder?

  • The kit combines cold therapy and compression therapy to quickly reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Can be used to provide relief from many different types of shoulder pain including rotator cuff injury, muscle tears, strains, sprains, arthritis, tendonitis, and lots more.
  • The shoulder wrap closely aligns to the shape of your shoulder for a precise fit and tighter targeting of treatment.
  • Cold therapy and compression combined create longer lasting relief and faster reduction in swelling and inflammation.


Shoulder Ice Wrap – Benefits/Features

  • Designed for the Shoulder – Shoulders are a difficult part of the anatomy to treat due to their unique shape and awkward position. This cold therapy compression wrap was designed specifically with the shoulder in mind. Too often, an injured shoulder means you can’t do much else while you receive treatment since you normally have to use your good arm to treat the bad one. Our kit, with adjustable straps, allows you to secure the wrap/gel pack to your bad shoulder and still allow you to move around the home/office and do other things.
  • Pain Relief – Do you have a job which requires repetitive shoulder movements for long periods, or do you enjoy a sport that uses lots of vigorous arm motions? Use the kit to provide rapid relief from a hard day at your job, or when you pushed it too far playing sports. Cold therapy is a great way to reduce the pain/throbbing in your shoulder joint.
  • Reduction in Swelling and Inflammation – In some cases, ice gel packs alone won’t be enough to treat your shoulder pain. That’s where this kit comes in. The added air tube allows you to pump air into the wrap, for a tighter, more snug fit. This has the effect of providing deeper cold therapy. It’s been proven that combining compression with cold therapy significantly helps with the reduction of inflammation and swelling, as opposed to using ice gel packs on their own.
  • Bonus Ice Pack – Our wrap for shoulder pain comes with 2 ice-gel packs included, which are re-usable, non-toxic, and leak proof, and you get one as a bonus. If your doctor recommends it, having that extra ice gel pack can come in handy when you need to extend your treatment time.


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Important Notes

1. Our compression wrap for shoulder is not a machine. The wrap is to be inflated manually using air from the air pump, and then deflated manually after use. 2. Consult with your doctor before purchasing this item if you are having/have recently had surgery. 3. Put a fabric in between the skin and gel pack to avoid skin irritation. 4. This product is not for use by those who have sensitivity to cold or circulation problems. 5. Consult with your doctor before using cold wrap therapy.


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4 reviews for Shoulder Ice Wrap With Compression & 2 Ice Packs

  1. C Hayes

    Works awesome. I got mine at NAC logistics after I had surgery and it was a God send. With this device I could move around without bulky tubes, wires and buckets attached (which I also have and that PT uses). Made it so that my active lifestyle could get back to normal quicker. Would highly recommend to anyone going thru shoulder surgery.

  2. David

    Great fit and great service.

  3. Kevin

    Love this cold wrap! Kit accidentally came with one gel pack instead of two, but the seller shipped one immediately once I let them know.

  4. Donald

    A bit hard to put on the first couple of times, but then you get used to it. Works well enough.

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