Cold Therapy Elbow Wrap With Compression and Extra Ice Gel Pack - Essential Kit For Tennis Elbow, Elbow Pain and Post Elbow Surgery Recovery by SimplyJnJ

Elbow Ice Wrap With Compression For Pain Relief And Post-Surgery Recovery


Our Cold Therapy Elbow Wrap With Compression is a must-have for anyone suffering with elbow pain or recovering from post-elbow surgery. Also available on Amazon.

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Our elbow ice wrap kit includes the elbow cold therapy wrap, air pump, and two ice gel packs so that you can reduce the wait time in between treatment sessions. You will not only enjoy quick pain relief for your elbow, but also cut down on your recovery time after injuries or surgeries. Simply store the ice packs in the freezer until needed (or a minimum of 2 hours before). When relief is needed, attach one ice pack to the wrap and then apply it to the affected elbow. To add compression, simply inflate the wrap with air using the attached air pump. Great for elbow-related issues such as:

  • Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
  • Flexor Tendinitis
  • Olecranon Stress Fracture
  • Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) Injury
  • Or various types of elbow surgery, such as open elbow surgery, arthroscopic elbow surgery, & more.





By applying ice to the affected area, you can reduce inflammation by slowing down the rush of blood that goes to an aggravated joint after an injury. Cold therapy reduces the pain by not only decreasing the size of the swelling but also by numbing the nerve endings. When you combine both the ice application and compression, you will enjoy a noticeable change in pain levels because the coolness is retained for a longer period of time, across a wider area. For more information, read our post: Constant Elbow Pain? Cold Therapy Might Be The Answer.
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  • REDUCE SWELLING – Reduce your swelling through a combination of cold therapy and compression suitable for reduce elbow pain and inflammation.
  • ELBOW PAIN RELIEF – Get relief from Tennis Elbow pain, Golfer’s Elbow, tendinitis, dislocation, muscle strain, ligament sprain, bursitis & other pain.
  • FASTER RECOVERY – Recover faster after elbow surgery and reduce your pain and inflammation and future flare ups.
  • BONUS ICE PACK – Enjoy an extra ice pack so you don’t have to wait in between treatment sessions. Treat your elbow for longer if necessary.

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3 reviews for Elbow Ice Wrap With Compression For Pain Relief And Post-Surgery Recovery

  1. Bill

    I play a lot of tennis and my elbow has been killing me lately. This wrap really keeps the throbbing in my elbow down.

  2. Marilyn

    Fast shipping and product works as advertised.

  3. Joy

    The best elbow cold wrap.

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