Foot & Ankle Ice Wrap With Compression & 2 Ice Packs – For Pain Relief and Surgery Recovery

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The SimplyJnJ Foot & Ankle Wrap With Compression is a must-have for anyone suffering with foot or ankle pain or recovering from surgery. The wrap was design for the foot/ankle area for maximum efficiency and recovery.

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This comfortable, easy to use foot & ankle ice wrap is designed to take the edge off your pain. You simply secure it in place and then get on with your daily life. The wrap fits like a boot around the affected ankle or foot, so whether you are dealing with ankle or foot soreness, sports injuries, torn or damaged tendons, arthritis, sprains, or something else, this cold therapy wrap will help soothe your pain and bring down any inflammation.



  • REDUCE SWELLING AND PAIN – These ice gel packs help to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain caused by a broken, sprained or otherwise injured ankle, sore feet, Achilles tendonitis, torn Achilles tendon, arthritis, peroneal tendonitis, ankle or foot surgery recovery, severs disease, bursitis, swollen or sore feet and more.
  • TWO ICE GEL PACKS INCLUDED – All our ankle ice wraps include two ice gel packs, so there is no waiting time between icing sessions, allowing for longer cold therapy treatments, if your doctor has recommended them. Our ice gel packs are leak-proof, reusable and filled with nontoxic gel. For best results, freeze them until required (or at least 2 hours). Having two ice gel packs is useful if you have excess inflammation or swelling from a recent surgery, injury etc, and if your doctor recommends an extended treatment time.
  • FOR USE ON THE FOOT AND ANKLE – Our ice gel packs and wrap were designed to fit the contours of the foot and ankle area for a more focused cold therapy treatment. It may be used on the left or right foot/ankle.
  • WHY COMPRESSION HELPS – The extra compression is better than using ice packs by themselves, because it makes sure the ice gel pack and the injured area are in contact. This results in a deeper treatment. You can ensure a snug fit by using the inflatable air pump to achieve your desired level of compression.
  • FREEDOM TO MOVE AROUND – You don’t have to hold the ice pack against the affected area by yourself, because the ice wrap comes with Velcro straps. This means you can apply the cold therapy wrap to the ankle or foot and still be able to walk around and get on with other things. The air pump tube can be attached to the wrap, so it will not get in your way if you walk around. You also have the choice of removing it if not using the compression.
  • BUILT-IN COLD COMPRESSION – Pairing cold therapy with compression offers better results than just using a cold pack on its own. The compression ensures the ice gel pack has closer contact with the injured area, to make the cold therapy deeper. Our foot & ankle ice wrap ensures that the coolness is also retained longer in this way.






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1. This is not a machine. The wrap is to be inflated manually using air from the air pump, and then deflated manually after use. 2. Consult with your doctor before purchasing this item if you are having/have recently had surgery, in case one is already provided for your use. 3. Put a fabric in between the skin and gel pack to avoid skin irritation. 4. This product is not for use by those who have sensitivity to cold or circulation problems. 5. Consult with your doctor before using using cold wrap therapy. 6. Our ice packs for ankles don’t cover the bottom of the foot.


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3 reviews for Foot & Ankle Ice Wrap With Compression & 2 Ice Packs – For Pain Relief and Surgery Recovery

  1. John

    This wrap is incredible and the client support from this company blew me away.

  2. Ulsa

    Bought this after breaking my ankle. Helped to get the swelling down.

  3. Amy

    I’m recovering from ankle surgery and this was a godsend.

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