5 Tips for Running in Cold Weather

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As a runner, you may not find it easy running in such unfavorable weather, but there is a way around it. Even though temperatures are dropping to freezing points, you can still run with comfort during the winter months if you take the right steps. Keep reading for some great tips that will make running in cold weather more enjoyable.

Running in Cold Weather


Layered Dressing

To ensure running with the highest level of comfort in cold weather, one of the most important things you must do is dress up in layers. The reasons for dressing in layers are two-fold. One, your body is better protected against the cold if you wear a three-layer outfit consisting of a base, an insulating material, and an outer layer. This will help you start your run on a good footing. When your body is sufficiently warmed, you might not need as much protection, and all you have to do is peel off the extra and leave the base, depending on your tolerance for the cold.

Remember warm socks

Keeping your feet warm is an essential part of running in cold weather, and one of the best ways of locking the heat in is to wear warm socks. The majority of running shoes are built to release heat from the feet, and chances are, you will be running with these types of shoes. So, to prevent your toes getting frosty and sorely, ensure you put on a pair of extra thick socks when running out in the cold. Or consider getting specialized running socks for cold weather.

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Protect your head!

You should pay attention to your extremities when running in cold weather. Your head can dissipate up to 40 percent of your body heat, and you must do all you can to prevent losing almost half of your body heat through your head. Simply wearing a fleece or wool hat can help conserve most of the heat. You can also add a pair of mittens or moisture-wicking gloves to your kit to conserve more body heat.

Warm Up

Besides running, every other sporting or physical activity requires some form of warm-up, and it is even more important if you intend to continue running during the winter months. The temperature outdoors is low and uncomfortable during the winter months and adequate warm-up will prepare you for the chill outside. So, before going out, get your heart rate leaping with some lunges, jumping jacks and stretches to keep your blood pumping and muscles flexible and warm. You should also take some time to cool down after your run to allow your body retain its pre-run condition.

Wear bright colors

Winter brings with it shorter days and longer nights, so don’t be caught unawares while running on a busy road. It is your responsibility to protect yourself by wearing bright colors and reflective vests whenever you are running as it can get dark quickly and you don’t want to be in front of a driver battling with poor visibility. Include in your winter running kit clip-on lights for your running shoes, reflective vest and caps.
You don’t have to stop running or swap outdoors for the treadmill because winter is here. By taking the right precautions, running in cold weather can be comfortable, enjoyable, and satisfying. Do you have any other tips for running in cold weather? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Just use the comment box below. Until next time.


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  1. Definitely wear bright colors!!! I love running after work but it can be very dangerous during Winter months if drivers can’t see you. The flashier you are the better! 🙂

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