Open Patella Knee Support Sleeve

Open Patella Knee Support Sleeve + Free Resistance Band Kit


High-quality neoprene material with top and bottom velcro straps which can be adjusted depending on the level of activity. The added compression & warmth provided by the sleeve reduces pain and swelling caused by arthritis, sprains, weakness, meniscus and ligament issues, and more.

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SimplyJnJ is devoted to aiding the recovery process for all injuries and pain, regardless of cause. Every member of our team has experienced injuries at some point, so we understand what constant pain feels like, how extreme it can be, and how debilitating. If you are living with regular knee pain, try out our knee sleeve. We honestly believe it will help you because this sleeve was designed with support and comfort in mind. Use our Open Patella Knee Support Sleeve to support your knees while enjoying the same activities you love, like CrossFit, basketball, or running.

Main Benefits & Features of the Open Patella Knee Support Sleeve


  1.  The open patella design will minimize any pressure on your knee cap which is a common reason people experience knee pain.
  2. The compression will increase oxygenated blood to all of the muscles around your knee, thus maximizing the repair and recovery process while simultaneously reducing any joint or muscle vibration.
  3. The sleeve will reduce the swelling caused by things like an ACL tear, sprain, tendonitis, arthritis, sprains, and more. Less swelling means less pain to the knee.
  4. Designed with flexible side stabilizer stays, you get a little bit more lateral support.
  5. Our velcro straps mean the unit is adjustable. Take them on or off, or tighten/loosen them, based on your activity level and comfort.
  6. Lightweight and compact, you can keep it with you on the go.

Please refer to our sizing chart for more information on measuring your leg for the right size:
SimplyJnJ Open Patella Knee Sleeve w Flexible Side Stabilizer Stays and Removble Straps
BONUS RESISTANCE BAND KIT AND EBOOK – Every purchase of our Open Patella Knee Support Sleeve means a free Resistance Band Kit inside of which you will find 3 resistance loop bands and a carrying bag. Moreover, you get a copy of our eBook “Resistance Band Exercises for Knee Pain” via a link emailed to you after your purchase.

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