SimplyJnJ Resistance Loop Bands With Bonus eBook With Exercises For Knee Pain - Combo

3-Piece Resistance Loop Band Kit - Includes Bag and Bonus eBook with Exercises For Knee Pain

Improve your overall flexibility and strength with our light, medium and heavy loop resistance bands. These bands are made of high quality, durable latex, which means you won’t have to replace them like cheaper knock-offs.


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SimplyJnJ is dedicated to improving the recovery process for all pain related issues and injuries, whether those issues were caused by sports, genetics, lifestyle, or bad luck. All of our team members have suffered from an injury at some point, so we all know what it feels like to live with constant pain, sometimes even extreme pain. Our company goal is to help as many people as we can to recover from their injuries so that they can get back to doing all of the activities they love. If you suffer from knee pain or you simply want to get some extra muscle strengthening into your regular routine, our 3-Piece Resistance Loop Band Kit can help.
Are you limited in terms of the time and space you have to work out? Do you simply want to add more variety to your workouts because they are repetitive and boring? The SimplyJnJ Resistance Loop Band Kit is the perfect solution. The bands are compact and lightweight so you can store them literally anywhere. You get a bonus carry bag so you can bring them with you when you leave. Made out of high quality and durable latex, these bands are extremely useful for physical therapy, developing flexibility, and strength training. Every kit comes with three different weight classes: light which is yellow, medium which is green, and heavy which is blue. Whether you are doing CrossFit, yoga, regular strength training, or going through a P90X video from home, these resistance loop bands are a wonderful addition to any exercise routine. Every band measures 50cm (19.68 inches) in length.
BONUS EBOOK – Because we are committed to people suffering with knee pain we have also thrown in a copy of our ebook “Resistance Band Exercises for Knee Pain“. Inside this book you will find a series of lower body exercises, each of which can be done using our resistance loop bands to help strengthen all the muscles surrounding your knee. Once the purchase is made, a link to this e-book will be sent to your email inbox.
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